SEA Holds Curriculum Development and Planning Session

The administrators and faculty members of the School of Engineering and Architecture conducted its SEA Curriculum Development and Planning session to continuously improve the quality of education it provides.

SEA Dean Dr. Randell Espina gives general direction for the discussions
CE chair Engr. Ken Cosares plans with CE professor Engr. Lynith Datukon
ME Chair Engr. Albert Mozo confers with ME professors Engr. Mark Rotor and Engr. Jay Mahinay
Architecture Chair Ar. Wilfredo Policarpio works with Ar. Miko Aquino
SEA Asst. Dean Dr. Renyl Barroca discusses with CHE chair Engr. Leah De Castro and CHE professor Engr. Alex Abando
SEA administrators and faculty members after completing the day’s tasks

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