3rd Renewable Energy Congress and Exhibit – 1st iCREATE

The 3rd Renewable Energy Congress and Exhibit – 1st iCREATE will be held on December 18, 2020 from 1 PM to 5 PM, with the theme “RE-building Better: Strengthening the Role of Renewable Energy in Recovery and Development.”

The Renewable Energy Congress 2020 is the first virtual event that envisions to, once again, bring together renewable energy advocates, developers, producers, researchers, experts, students, and end-users or “prosumers” with the goal of exchanging knowledge and practices, and strengthening collaboration – to attain viable energy solutions, particularly renewable energy, in addressing the impacts of pandemic, climate change, and economic crises. Speakers from the government, energy industry, academe, and people’s organizations will tackle policies, practices and challenges to make energy sufficient, affordable, sustainable, resilient/adaptive, inclusive, and generally responsive to the call of the times.

For registration, guidelines and updates, visit http://recongress2020.thecentre.ph/

Text and Image from AdDU-CREATE

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